What is Anger?

Anger  is an intense emotional response. Often it indicates when one’s basic boundaries are violated.

Growing up I was told I was an angry person, it was not that I wanted to be but it was actually a part of my DNA (if that is even possible)…so what did I do? I have spent years of my teenage as well as adult life trying to work on my anger both spiritually and professionally and I have had a grip on it.

When situations arise I have learnt to not let them get the best of me , but what happens when I lose control, when I explode because someone or something has pushed me to the edge of no return?

Imagine driving down the road behind the wheel of a car and being purposely pushed to the point you want to run your car into on coming traffic, or a wall…picture this moment. Well this is what happened to me today, I will not go into the details of how and why or who but I have not gone to this point in a long time and to get to this point and have this feeling made me feel like all of my hard work was tested and I failed.

I am hoping to never let this happen to me again.

Here is a read I came across in regards to anger.

How much control do we really have? Why do reactions vary so widely between people or even day to day for the same person? And what are the benefits and drawbacks of expressing ourselves? Understanding anger in all its forms and intensities, from annoyance to irritation to rage, can make a big difference in our ability to take a step back and process this powerful and complicated emotion.

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A Natural hair Summer?

So I live where you vacation it feels like summer January to December.

I normally wear my hear long these days but I’m thinking this heat might just make me convert to natural or short weave I have not decided …but stay tuned to find out what I decide to do…

Here are my natural trials for about two hours Sunday haha.


Word of the Day : Energy

When I think about energy I think about the will to do something or the strength within myself. The Person I was meant to be is full of energy.

Energy is having available power  to help you get through physical activities but also mental.

What does the dictionary say about energy?

-Intensity or vitality of action or expression; forcefulness
-Capacity or tendency for intense activity; vigour
-Vigorous or intense action; exertion
In any case my energy is very important to me so to have other people drain me of my energy is a very critical thing…there should never be anyone so demanding in your life that physically and mentally drains your will to carry on…that might just be one of the most unhealthy things one can do to themselves.
So how do we deal with energy drainers?
First, you have to know that is very important to protect yourself from negativity, to prevent it from influencing your mood, energy levels, health and behavior.
While doing some research I have come across many great results that make me second guess the persons I let into my life and alot of times I can sit and compare who has the most negative influence to my mind body and spirit …isn’t that crazy that we as humans have people in our lives who we allow to take this gift away from us…even if it is just for a short time we allow them access.
Negative people come in many different lights whether it be relationships, friendships and even at work.
Here are some truths I have come across about negative people better known as “Energy Vampires” :

Energy vampires are often personality-disordered people who tend to be:

  • Intrusive, showing poor boundaries.
  • Overly dramatic, making mountains out of molehills.
  • Overly critical, finding fault with just about everyone and everything in their lives.
  • Chronic complainers, rarely finding anything to their liking or meeting their satisfaction.
  • Argumentative, having trouble agreeing with others, even on things that seem insignificant or inconsequential.
  • Relentlessly demanding and persistent, being unable to take no for an answer.
  • Constantly negative, always seeing the glass half empty.
  • Unable to accept responsibility, blaming everyone but themselves for their actions and problems.

Thanks for reading.

Tropical Regards


The Friendship why

Friendship involves loyalty …right? Then if friendships are so loyal why is there so much disloyalty…I have experienced many types of friends and honestly only a few have held strongman and proven to never abandon me…but sometimes even some of whom we can depend on somehow behind our back can very well be disloyal…but there is no such thing as disloyal “friend” in any case that person cannot possibly be your “friend”.

With friends you should never have to question if someone is really there for you, friends should never get jealous of each other and friends should always be supportive, proud and genuinely happy for their friends if they are happy…whether it be with school, work or relationships…Not saying that if your friend acting crazy you shouldn’t say hold up lets talk about this and find out how you can help…but never purposely should friends try to tear one another down .

Now I’m 24 years old and I fell that as an adult I really shouldn’t be having to check my friends for where their loyalty stands…if we friends then we should be loyal , honest , and supportive to one another , it’s a full court game .

Friends should not be apart of any negative conversation about one or the other …right ? Any negativity should loyally be dismissed and the topic should immediately focus on something else …

Then tell me ….WHY do I constantly have to check my friends ? 

Disclaimer: This does not apply to many of my friends now but it does apply to some .

The Month of April

Good Afternoon readers,

The month of April has not been a very productive one but I would like to thank all who still dropped by and checked in on me to see whats up…I have not abandoned by blog , I had some personal issues I had to address and take some time away to work on some others projects but I am back..Latonia the hero is coming back in full affect.

Not only was the month of April blog unproductive but the Class of John Gray High School lost another angel. Rest in Peace sweet Kimberly…May your beautiful soul rest in peace.

I dedicate this video to all your friends and family:

The check up

Bringing you my view live on my lunch break ….the breeze is so amazing next to this ocean and the water is so smooth and beautiful …I know I have been quiet but I’m trying to get it right and balance a busy schedule ….stay tuned because I will be back sooner than later .


Sealy shines in scrappy draw (Cayman Islands 0 Belize 0 – Highlights included)

Cayman Islands goalkeeper Ramon Sealy made several crucial saves to help Cayman secure a draw against Belize in a FIFA World Cup qualifying fixture on Wednesday in Belmopan.

Sealy was called into action in the first minute, after Jason Ebanks brought down a Belize forward in the box.

Sealy then dove to his left to pull off a stunning save and silence the local crowd, that filled the Belmopan Stadium hoping to see the Jaguars maul the visitors.

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